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    Taiga Ito
  • Taiga Ito, Crystallized landscapes

    Taiga Ito

    Crystallized landscapes

    To look like nature, to be close to nature

    And to become "another nature".


    The subject of "crystallized landscapes" is deeply related to the technique of painting with a tapping brush.

    The introduction of the unconscious by tapping refuses to 'paint'.

    The result is not a 'painted' screen, but a 'crystallized ' one.

    Tapping is an act that goes beyond 'painting' and directly links one's sensibility to the screen.

    What emerges from this is a landscape that dwells within.

    The memory of nature within me is expressed and recorded in the form of paint.


    Nature has a pleasant rhythm.

    You can see this when you draw the human body, trees, flowers, rivers, seas, landscapes and animals.

    And this rhythm is also present in me.

    When my physical rhythm is in tune with the rhythm of nature the painting crystallizes.


    Taiga Ito