Yasuhiro Toyoda Japanese, b. 1986

About Yasuhiro Toyoda's work

Three fingertips with red manicure, a section of avocado split in two, a convenience store floating in the darkness of night - Yasuhiro Toyoda's work is a creation of beauty through focus and close-up.


The artist's work is a record of an essential, beautiful moment in time. Our hearts resonate with it. It has the quality of a work that can resonate.


Toyoda's style of depicting familiar and ordinary objects as if we were encountering them for the first time, as if they were fresh and meaningful, as if they were symbols of something, seems to serve as a guide for us to recognise the beauty hidden in our daily lives.


From his works, we sense the artist's strong will to record and preserve a scene from a certain day. It may be a record of the here and now, or it may be a record of a memory of someday somewhere.


Toyoda’s oil paintings are used sand matiere as a base and look like layering light particles.
The light reflects diffusely on the fine surface of the work, creating beautiful gradations that evoke nostalgic and distant memories in the viewer.


Therefore, when looking at the paintings for a while, the boundary between 'here and now' and 'someday, somewhere' disappears, and a feeling of 'nostalgia' arises, and an intimate feeling towards the world grows.


The aesthetic feelings felt in Toyoda's works are exactly what the paintings bring to us, and we, the viewers, feel a sense of warmth and fulfilment of being alive.